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Red Essence | Counselling and Coaching | Yorkshire

Counselling and Life Coaching.


Why 'Red Essence'?

R: Reality. We occasionally slip out of our own reality and live our lives as other people think we should. We want you to be the 'real' you - warts and all.

E: Enthusiasm. If we can develop passion for something in our lives, it gives us purpose. Without purpose, we are drifting along with the wind, and could land anywhere which may mean we miss out on the boundless beauty of a life fulfilled.

D: Desire. One of the biggest decisions in life is deciding and being clear to ourselves about exactly what we want, and what we are prepared to do to get it.


"The 'essence' of a person is like a seed. Discover it, give it light, water and time then watch how it grows into something beautiful - the person you were meant to be"


There is no doubt that the world is a very busy place, and our lives are becoming more and more hectic. We are all working harder to maintain our lifestyles, whatever your situation right now.

Sometimes life gets on top of us, no matter how well we have done up until now. It's okay to admit it. Perhaps you just need to take a little time out. In fact some of us do try to relax, using exercise, the gym or in some cases perhaps a hot bath, a massage or even a holiday. This is great and can help our physical wellbeing, but what about our minds? Too often, these are neglected and we think we should just be able to cope with everything, all of the time. It takes bravery to have a little time out or to ask for help, but this can be an amazing investment in our future wellbeing.

With over 20 years of man management experience and a passion to see people reach their potential, we always believe that people can achieve more with their lives than they are doing currently.

If you are ready to take some time to invest in your own wellbeing, for the sake of yourself and your loved ones, call now on 07825 995021.




Watch out for "Happier" - The Course. Coming soon.


Join me to hear how to gain happiness, contentment and satisfaction in your life. Available in Yorkshire. 



Fed up? Feeling stressed?
Want to find more ways to feel
positive and satisfied?
Join me for just 4 hours across 2 evenings, and learn how to make yourself happier and how to get more out of life.
Using my experience as a Doncaster-based counsellor and stress management trainer,
I will share my knowledge and give you helpful tips about how to feel better about life – and quickly. 


19-90 years old - come alone or with friend/partner. Everyone welcome and a friendly greeting guaranteed.
Member of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists – BACP
Roger Williams, BA (Hons), DipM, MCIM, Chartered Marketer, MBACP
Counselling, Stress Management Training

We will look at :
 Beliefs and values
 Positive behaviours
 Mental wellbeing
 Minimising stress in your life
 Dealing with your emotions
You will learn how to:
 See positives around you
 Become more optimistic
 Express gratitude
 Alter life-limiting beliefs
 Become more flexible
 Make time for relaxation
And don’t worry – you won’t have to speak in front of the group if you don’t want to!
Delivered by Roger Williams
Member of The British Association of
Counsellors and Psychotherapists – BACP